Photo by  Nikki Mills

Photo by Nikki Mills



I'm Zurry! I'm a lifestyle photographer and I love to capture authentic, raw moments. 

I live in Toronto with my husband and two daughters. 

I am obsessed with Zombie movies, but I am terrified of horror movies.

I would definitely classify myself as an "outdoorsy" person as my husband somehow gets me to go on hikes with him and I agree, always forgetting what hiking really entails. 

Board games are my favourite jam. Especially a good game of Pandemic. On occasion, I like to purposely trap myself in a room and try to escape with a few of my closest friends. In fact, we were the first Canadian Team to escape the Real Escape game. However the fame got to our heads and we haven't been able to escape since.

I've been taking pictures since my father gave me his old canon SLR when I was in high school. However, I went to university to purse a career in accounting. Shortly after graduating I purchased my first DSLR but never took my photography seriously. It was not until the birth of my first daughter that I decided to learn how to properly use my camera. I haven't put it down since.